A vocation that is proposed today as a continuation of the publishing activities undertaken by the same founder who, during the period of opposition to fascism, had given life to the small Seli publishing house. Depository of all the Sturzian production, the Institute has always been involved in numerous initiatives of dissemination and scientific promotion, in the historical and sociological field on the history of the twentieth century, whose results are disseminated in volumes edited by the Institute.


La politica europea e italiana di Piero Malvestiti, a cura di C. Argiolas e A. Becherucci, Edizioni di Storia e Letteratura, Roma 2018
The volume collects the contributions presented during the reflection day organized at the headquarters of the Historical Archives of the European Union in Florence on the occasion of the public opening of the archive of Piero Malvestiti. Thanks to the interventions of representatives of European and national institutions, academics and relatives, the volume makes due due to the important contribution of Malvestiti in favor of European integration.
Andreotti, Gheddafi e le relazioni italo-libiche, a cura di Massimo Bucarelli e Luca Micheletta, Roma, Edizioni Studium, 2018.
The contributions collected in the volume, the result of the study of the documentation of the Giulio Andreotti Archive kept at the Luigi Sturzo Institute, are dedicated to various aspects, moments and problems of Libyan policy conducted by Italian governments.