The Italian Constitution

On the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the promulgation of the Republican Constitution, the Luigi Sturzo Institute foresees a series of initiatives that historically reconstruct the process of formation of the Constitutional Charter, highlighting the relevance of its inspiring principles. The norms and the juridical institutions elaborated and prepared in the season of the Constituent, instead of being updated, risk in fact to be abandoned producing high costs in terms of cohesion and the form of representative democracy, with the risk of a regression of the democratic life of the country.

The Institute believes that even today, seventy years after the adoption of the Republican Constitution, it is useful to revisit the labor cultural and political life lived in different ways from the entire Italian catholicity in the season of the Constituent.

The project aims to identify the stages that can provide the country a Constitution that treasures the lesson of the crisis of the liberal state, but at the same time, fits into the of European and Western constitutional development.
The project will be articulated in the following phases:

  • a research project: “The contribution of democratic Catholics and the Constitution” concluded with a study Conference on January 31, 2018
  • School of Politics  (V edition) on the Constitution of the Italian Republic, addressed to  university, doctoral , doctorates students and professionals.