The 100th anniversary of Giulio Andreotti (1919 – 2019) – Program of initiatives

On the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the birth of Giulio Andreotti, the Luigi Sturzo Institute, in collaboration with other public and private cultural institutions, intends to retrace and delve some of the most crucial and significant moments in the history of Italy through the figure of the Italian statesman.

Politician, writer, journalist, 7 times President of the Council and 27 times Minister. Senator for life since 1991, Giulio Andreotti was an undisputed protagonist of Italian political life for most of the second half of the XX century.






Through the studies and research carried out on the countless archival documents donated by Senator Andreotti to the Institute in 2007 and kept at its headquarters, the program of events intends to deepen some of the issues related to post-World War II reconstruction and the choices and orientations in foreign policy, at European and international level, through a series of initiatives of a scientific nature (conferences and seminars) and dissemination (exhibition exhibitions, thematic and digital itineraries).