Rome Treaties – What future for Europe?

Luigi Sturzo Institute on the occasion of the celebrations of the sixty years of the Treaties of Rome, has deepened and analyzed the dynamics of the complex relationship between democracy, national sovereignty and the European Union through a series of initiatives.

An articulated program of initiatives that goes from the seminars of the School of Political Education “Europe: Identity, History and Institutions” (organized between February 17 and May 26, 2017), to round tables, conferences, research, debates, publications.

The project wanted to offer a contribution to the analysis of the difficulties of contemporary democracies in a context such as that of the European Union. The rise of populist and Euro-skeptical parties, the vote of the British people who chose to leave the European Union, the new divisions between European states and the re-nationalization requests are a symptom of the ever-widening gap that has come to create between citizens and European institutions. The Union is perceived by many as a too bureaucratic structure, whose austerity policy is not shared; a Union unable to produce concrete results in a period of deep crises, from economic-financial to that linked to the emergence of migratory flows and refugees. This is why a phase of profound reflection on Europe and on the future of the integration process is now required, capable of proposing responses to the current crisis scenarios. This reflection should start from the issues perceived as more urgent and problematic, such as economic prospects and international relations, and questioning more generally on the type of political relaunch of the European integration project and on how to promote the construction of a European civil society.

Program of the main initiatives carried out in 2017:

  • January 24, 2017 Book presentation, The Hope of Europe, by Roberto Ducci, edited by Guido Lenzi (Rubbettino, 2007)
  • February – June 2017 School of Politics Europe: Identity, History and Institutions
  • May 5, 2017 Lectio Magistralis by Romano Prodi The Europe that will possibly come,  with the Patronage of the Senate of the Republic
  • September 2017 II Edition Training Course The Migration Challenge In Europe, in collaboration with the Konrad Adenauer Foundation and under the patronage of the European Commission Representation in Italy
  • 5 October 2017 Debate What space for Europe today?
  • 6 December 2017 Final Conference Update of the European treaties: issues and perspectives