Reflections of history and current events.

Luigi Sturzo Institute, in this short series of meetings, intends to provide reflection that is not only one of historical reconstruction but that looks at the current social, political, economic and religious life of the country. In the belief that even in such a difficult moment to reconnect the threads of memory and history to current problems can give a new stimulus to understand the history of the country and its issues, as well as the problems of contemporaneity. The books presented play a guiding role with respect to various aspects of Italian history and beyond. From the events of the Italian left, with its fractures and possibilities to the history of direct farmers framed as a large popular organization that intended, and wants, to enhance agricultural work and lead it to meet modernity; from the complex and overall evaluation, and reception, of the “national canon” historically studied and proposed against every stereotype of exceptionality and sovereignty to the attempt to recover the meaning of words for a genuine and constructive journey in order to understand the wealth of the human being The meetings, lasting up to 45min, which take place according to the webinar formula, and are sent live on the Institute’s Facebook and YouTube page, are structured in an agile but no less dense form. And they develop around the form of the dialogue between the author and a discussant who highlights its merits and contradictions. In the light of research as the scientific basis of knowledge and knowledge. As the main place of culture serving the country.


Here below the program:

  • March 23th, 5 pm, P. Pombeni, Sinistre. A century of divisions, Nicola Antonetti talks with the author.
  • March 30th, 5 pm, E. Bernardi, Coldiretti and the history of Italy. Representation and participation from the postwar period to the eighties, Marco Follini talks with the author 
  • April 13th, 5 pm Italy as history. primacy, decadence, exception, edited by F. Benigno and E. Igor Mineo, Giovanni Bernardini talks with the authors
  • April 20th,  5 pm: Mons. N. Galantino, In the heart of life. Ideas to take care of the world, Agostino Giovagnoli talks with the author.
  • June 11,  6 pm : A. Riccardi La Chiesa brucia. Crisi e futuro del cristianesimo Discussant: Nicola Antonetti and Agostino Giovagnoli
  • June 21, 6 pm: A. Sangiovanni Specchi infiniti. Storia dei media in Italia dal dopoguerra ad oggi Discussant Enrica Asquer
  • June 30, 6 pm: S. Pons I comunisti italiani e gli altri Discussant Antonio Varsori