Luigi Sturzo and the popularism – Celebration 2018 – 2020

In view of the double anniversary of the 100th anniversary of the foundation of the Italian Popular Party (defined by Federico Chabod as “the most remarkable event in Italian history of the twentieth century”) and the 60th anniversary of the death of Luigi Sturzo, the Institute launched the program of celebrations to be held during the two-year period 2018-2020 and aimed at enhancing the figure and work of the Sicilian priest and the People’s Party he founded.

The project includes a structured program of activities that includes:

  • archiving of the Luigi Sturzo archive, with particular attention to the part not yet reordered and concerning the years of the return from exile to death;
  • training, through the organization of cycles of seminars and workshops;
  • dissemination, through the organization of conferences in Italy and abroad, in the countries where Sturzo stayed during his long exile;
  • realization of documentary exposures;
  • roduction of documents through publications.




The aim of this important series of initiatives is not only to promote memory and enhance the history of Luigi Sturzo and of the Italian Popular Party, but to build paths of political and historical reflection capable of actualizing popularism as a political culture and the thought of Luigi Sturzo as the founder of the modern party form essential for the construction of the country’s democracy, especially from an Italian and European perspective.


Scientific Committee

Celebrations Program



The Institute will also promote the program of celebrations through documents, images, videos and multimedia products using the  materials preserved in the historical archive and in the library:



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