KVALUES – Key competences: Validating Adult Learners’ eDucational ExperienceS

The project, approved by the European Commission – Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency (EACEA) as part of the LLP Grundtvig Multilateral Project, promoted the use of Digital storytelling as a methodology for recognizing the skills acquired in the non-formal learning process and encouraged discomforting adults and young people to transform the working environment into a lifelong learning environment.

The project was promoted by a European partnership consisting of: Luigi Sturzo Institute (IT) – Lead Partner, Yale College (UK), Grimme Istitut Gesellschaft für Medien, Bildung und Kultur (DE), Melting Pro. Laboratory for Culture (IT) , DIK (SE), Tallinn 2011 – Foundation (EE), Institute for Humanistic Management –


The final result of the initiative was the realization of a Final Pubbllication to present the results of the research carried out at European level on the validation process of the skills acquired through informal and non-formal learning, and some useful tools and information to become familiar with the digital storytelling methodology.


Project Brochure