Gino Germani of Social Sciences and Comparative Studies Library Fund

The project “Gino Germani of social sciences and comparative studies Library Fund, funded by the Lazio Region L.R. n. 24/1997 art. 13-16 and L.R 24/2019, Plan 2020, provides for the enhancement of the filed material through a comparative study of the various disciplines.

The collection includes about 6,000 works in different languages ​​and was collected by Gino Germani, during his academic career, between the thirties and the end of the seventies, in South America, in the United States and in Italy and after his death. updated by the Germani Institute. It can be defined as an “Author’s Library”, or in the words of Luigi Crocetti, a cultural archive, that is the testimony of an intellectual history that does not refer only to those who own the library, but extends and interests the places where Italy, the United States and Latin America lived and acted in our case in the 60s and 70s. The volumes are often correlated by notes, dedications, notes and comments, not to mention the material that can be found inside like letters and notes, which allow us to study the different paths of Germani and his relationships with the intellectuals and scholars of his time.Il ricco materiale bibliotecario ha un carattere interdisciplinare, specializzato nello studio comparativo dei sistemi politici e articolato in settori dedicati alle scienze sociali, alle discipline umanistiche con particolare riferimento all’area dell’America Latina. Per valorizzare i diversi aspetti culturali e storici sono state avviate dall’Istituto Sturzo alcune riflessioni sull’attualità del pensiero dello studioso e sociologo italiano aprendo nuove prospettive di ricerca nel campo delle relazioni internazionali e della geopolitica.

The first seminar was held on 11 December 2019 with the title “Between the crisis of representative reason and the problems of populist reason. The actuality of Gino Germani’s thought “. The speakers analyzed the figure of Germani, one of the most prestigious and original of contemporary sociology. A scientist of the crisis, who analyzed throughout his life the relationship between modernity and authoritarianism, a problematic link on which his research revolved and which is, even today, a fundamental and dramatic knot of our difficult present. Hence his constant criticism of sociology de cátedra, and the characterization of the discipline as a systematic intervention on the political problems of the present, as part of the public life of a country and its public debate.
The second seminar was held on 4 December 2020 with the title “Gino Germani and Renzo De Felice: modernization and the youth question” and compared the reflections of Germani and Renzo De Felice, as scholars of old and new totalitarianisms, from fascism to modern forms of authoritarianism, and as interpreters of these phenomena in the face of modernization and the youth question.