Forum for civil participation: “For a new political awareness. Ten lessons for Europe”

The European theme is today of great relevance: it is linked to an idea of ​​politics, and a humanistic vision that makes the development of integration among peoples credible. The governance that regulates the life of the European Union shows today evident limits that can not and must not discourage the will to continue together a path that has already ensured for many decades peace, economic development and the creation of the new European subjectivity. The elections that will take place next spring therefore take on a meaning that invests the same conception of the new Europe and the individual national policies.

The Luigi Sturzo Institute and the Research Center for Historical and Social Studies in collaboration with the Giorgio La Pira Foundation, promote the Civil Participation Forum. For a new political awareness, ten lessons for Europe, in order to offer a service to all those who are interested in political issues, contributing to the dissemination of a common alphabet allowing the sharing of national and European projects and solutions.

The Forum is open to students with a Bachelor’s, Master’s, Doctoral, Doctorate and Professional degree and to all those interested in European issues with a view to offering topics aimed at gaining greater awareness of economic, political and institutional challenges and changes. It is also aimed.

The lessons will take place from February 22, 2019 for a total of ten meetings from 17.00 to 18.30. The Forum will be held in two ways: members will have access to lectures at the Augustinianum College in Milan and at the Luigi Sturzo Institute in Rome (according to the training calendar) and in streaming mode through the live Facebook. Those who can not connect in the lesson timetable live will be able to access them by accessing the video section of the Facebook Group, where the lesson will be available.



To register, send the documentation specified in the “registration form” by February 28, 2019.

For information contact Dr. Alessandra Gatta: – 06.6840421.