“Desiderio Pirovano” Award

The “Desiderio Pirovano” Award, established by the will and initiative of Mons. Desiderio Pirovano, by the Desiderio Pirovano Association for the progress of studies on the history of the Church and by the Luigi Sturzo Institute, has the purpose of promoting and spreading research on thought Christian, both in the theological and political and socio-cultural fields, conducted according to a historical perspective, with particular attention to moments of evolution and novelty

The Board of Directors of the Pirovano Desiderio Prize is chaired by prof. the professor. Maurilio Guasco and is composed of: Prof. Marina Caffiero, Prof. Emma Fattorini, Prof. Francesco Malgeri, Avv. Umberto Paniccia, prof. Francesco Traniello

  • For 2013, the Prize was awarded on equal merit to Alberto Guasco, Catholics and fascists. The Holy See and Italian politics at the dawn of the 1919-1925 regime, Il Mulino, Bologna 2013; Alessia Lirosi, The female monasteries in Rome between the 16th and 17th centuries, Viella Editrice, Rome 2012
  • For 2014, the Prize was awarded to: Massimiliano Signifredi, for the volume Giovanni Paolo II and the end of communism. The transition in Poland (1978-1989), Edizioni Angelo Guerini e Associati SpA, Milan 2013
  • For 2015, the prize was awarded to Guido Panvini, Catholics and political violence, Marsilio Editore, Venice 2014
  • For 2016, the Prize was awarded on an equal merit to Francesco Torchiani for the volume: Mario Bendiscioli and Catholic culture between the two wars, Morcelliana, Brescia 2016 and Lucio Biasiori for the volume: L’eresia di unumanista. Celio Secondo Curione in 16th century Europe, Carocci, Rome 2016
  • For 2017 – 2018, the Award was given on equal merit to Andrea Annese, Tra Riforma e patristica. Methodism in Italy from Unity to the Buonaiuti case, Viella, Rome 2018; Tiziano Torresi, Sergio Paronetto. Catholic intellectual and development strategist, Il Mulino, Bologna 2017

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