Citizenship dialogues on the future of Europe

The Luigi Sturzo Institute is a partner of the Citizenship Dialogues on the Future of Europe project, promoted by the IAI in cooperation with national and European foundations and think tanks, and co-financed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation and the Compagnia di St. Paul.

As part of the Conference on the Future of Europe, an initiative launched by the European Parliament and the Commission during 2020-2021, the project provides for the organization of three Citizenship Dialogues. The Dialogues aim to stimulate an open, inclusive and innovative debate between experts and citizens, aimed at facilitating active participation and providing food for thought on the future of the Union and on Italian priorities to combat widespread skepticism towards the EU, involving a broad spectrum of civil society including citizens, but also NGOs, businesses, universities, local authorities and the media.

In line with the four priorities of the European Strategic Agenda 2019-2024 (protecting citizens and freedoms, developing a strong and vibrant economic base, building a climate-neutral, green and fair Europe and promoting European interests and values on the global scene), the Dialogues aim to focus on the following macro-themes:

  1. European legitimacy and the role of the institutions in relaunching the involvement of citizens in the process of European integration;
  2. Differentiated integration and common challenges: economic governance (also in the face of the economic crisis generated by the COVID-19 pandemic), climate, migration, rule of law;
  3. Relaunch of the European project and the principle of solidarity in the post-Brexit and post-COVID-19 era;
  4. European foreign policy and the role of the EU in the global arena with a specific focus on the Mediterranean and transatlantic relations.


The first Dialogue was held in Ventotene on September, 3th 2020 entitled “European foreign policy between Mediterranean and Atlantic“, during the traditional European federalist training seminar, which has been organized on the island since 1982. The initiative was organized by the IAI and the Sturzo Institute in collaboration with the Altiero Spinelli Institute for Federalist Studies, the Center for Federalism Studies, the European Federalist Movement, the European Federalist Youth and the European Movement Italy, with the aim of involving citizens in a collective dialogue on common foreign policy and on the continental and global role that the European Union must aspire to. Nicola Antonetti and Loredana Teodorescu participated for the Sturzo Institute. The background paper was prepared by Loredana Teodorescu and Lorenzo Zambernardi.


The second Dialogue was held online on December 4th, 2020 with the title “The European Union beyond trauma: integration and solidarity in the post-Brexit and Covid19 era“. The meeting was organized by the IAI, within the cultural festival @lectorinfabula, in cooperation with the Luigi Sturzo Institute and the Center for Studies on Federalism, with the support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation and the Compagnia di San Paolo and had the aim of talking about post-Brexit and post-Covid19 Europe.


The third dialogue was held online on 16th March, 2021 under the title “European Union Citizenship and European Public Goods” organized by the Istituto Affari Internazionali (IAI), Centro Studi sul Federalismo and Istituto Luigi Sturzo in view of the Conference on the future of Europe.

Background paper UE-Mediterraneo-Atlantico


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