CET for AID – Community Exhibitions as Tools for Adults’ Individual Development

The Luigi Sturzo Institute, together with Hungary, the United Kingdom, Italy and Portugal has implemented the CET FOR AID project funded within the LLP – Grundtvig learning partnerships and coordinated by the Múzeumok és Látogatók Alapítvány (Foundation for Museums and Visitors) of Budapest.



The aim of the initiative, in partnership between museums and European cultural institutions, was to discuss and share innovative ideas and practices on the involvement of different users in the activities of cultural organizations.

The activities took the form of a series of meetings between the partners to analyze the contexts in which the staff of museums and cultural institutions of each country work, evaluate already existing examples of training courses aimed at communities and oriented towards social inclusion, collaborate with a network of professionals already working in adult education, experimenting with the use of digital technologies to encourage the participation of the reference communities.