Art-Connection -Exploiting the key European competence “cultural sensitivity and expression”

The Institute is a partner of the Art-Connection project – Valoriser la 8ème compétence clé européenne (sensitivity and expression culturelles) comme levier de développement des compétences individuelles et collectives au service de lacohésion social, coordinated by the French association Apapp-Association pour la promotion du label APP (Atelier de Pédagogie Personnalisée), in partnership with other Portuguese and English university institutes and training bodies (the CAI association, Conversas Associação Internacional di Lisbona and Loughborough University).

The initiative, funded by the European Erasmus+ Program, represents the further development of the Eure.K project, which ended in 2018 and focused on the analysis and identification of the certification and validation processes of the 8 key European competences.

Art-Connection will focus on the eighth key competence: “cultural awareness and expression” defined by the European Union “essential for personal fulfillment, active citizenship, social cohesion and employability in a knowledge society”, in order to facilitating the entry of young people into the world of work. Following a study and analysis of the certification and validation devices present in the partner countries, the project involves the involvement of stakeholders who work in the field of employment and training to define possible national strategies and testing a model applicable in Europe The model will be presented to experts from non-partner countries and EU representatives in Brussels in order to draw up a Memorandum (English and French) and an e-book for recognition, validation and the certification of the eighth key competence.

The project starts in September 2019 and will end in 2022.