Aldo Moro in the Repubblic history

On the occasion of the centenary of the birth of Aldo Moro, Luigi Sturzo Institute will promote a research project dedicated to the role played by the statesman in the history of republican Italy.

The project was divided into two phases:

1) Research, with the aim of producing an original analysis on the personality and political experience of Aldo Moro, putting it in relation with the history of the country. In fact, it was not a question of limiting ourselves to the crucial theme of Moro’s role in Christian Democracy, nor to the tragic one, full of implications for the Republican history of the “Moro case”, but to contribute to reconstructing the overall figure.

The research was mainly conducted on diversified archival sources: personal funds (Guido Gonella, Vittorino Veronese, Luigi Sturzo, Giulio Andreotti, Mario Scelba, Giovanni Gronchi, Flaminio Piccoli, Mario Cingolani, Luigi Granelli, Piero Malvestiti, Giovanni Marcora, Giuseppe Spataro, Maria Eletta Martini, Pietro Scoppola, Gabriele De Rosa) and party (fund of Christian Democracy, 1943-1993), and still public sources such as “Action forge” and “Studium” “Il Popolo”, “Civitas”, “La Discussione “, As well as the important audiovisual and iconographic patrimony of the Institute, composed of political posters, photographs and audiovisual productions.

2) Dissemination, through the organization of a Conference on May 14th, 2018 to remember the figure and the political experience of Aldo Moro one hundred years after his birth and the realization of a virtual exhibition of the most significant documentation identified in the course of research.


Below is a selection of materials (documents and videos) related to the final conference


Conference streaming May, 14th 2018


Interview to Prof. Renato Moro 


Conclusion about Aldo Moro by Nicola Antonetti