A generational confrontation to revive Europe

The project “A generational confrontation to revive Europe” is carried out by the Luigi Sturzo Institute, with the support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation.

The project aims to promote an informed debate on the meaning of the European Union in the current context, and start a shared reflection on the reforms necessary to re-launch the project, involving young researchers, experts, scholars, institutional and civil society representatives, which can translate into a concrete and inclusive exercise to address the future of European governance.

This reflection imposes itself in the light of the numerous challenges with which the EU has faced in recent years, which have put a strain on its overall strength and questioning some of its fundamental cornerstones, starting from the same unity and solidarity, fueling a growing mistrust of citizens towards the European institutions. Thus, while some usual paths towards deeper integration now seem more difficult to travel and talking about “more Europe” may seem bold, a possible alternative is increasingly being identified in the application of the principle of differentiation. The most recent emergency COVID19 has represent a further difficult test for Europe and makes a reflection on the future of the Union even more necessary. If the governance that regulates the life of the EU shows clear limits, this must not discourage the desire to continue on a path that has already ensured peace, economic development and the creation of the new European subjectivity for many decades.

The project was divided into a series of in-depth seminars and discussions on the main topics of debate, from the migration crisis to the EU after Brexit, aimed primarily at young people, and provides for the publication of a volume of reflection, in which teachers participate, institutional representatives and young researchers dealing with European affairs.

That is the seminary program:

The final event of the initiative was held on June 15th, 2020 with the webinar “What future for Europe?” with the participation of the Minister for European Affairs Vincenzo Amendola and representatives of various think tanks with which the Sturzo Institute is carrying out reflections on the Europe of the future – Final Event Report June 15th, 2020


Finally, the project included the publication of the volume “Riflessioni sul futuro dell’Europa” by Loredana Teodorescu, with a preface by Prof. Nicola Antonetti and an introduction by the Min. Plen. Armando Barucco and the Segr. Leg Lorenzo Vai. The volume collects twenty reflections, which revolve around the theme of democracy and the rule of law, the EU as a political project, the contribution of young people and European culture as a unifying factor, integration and immigration policy, with the attempt to also provide concrete ideas in terms of policy in view of the Conference on the Future of Europe.