Generating social innovation with culture means moving from a concept of public expansion, so-called audience development, to a concept of creative participation of population groups in the process of cultural production.

Social and cultural Innovation

For several years the Institute has been carrying out a series of innovative initiatives of promotion, dissemination and cultural production. These are activities / services (thematic itineraries, digital narratives and new paths for knowledge, guided tours, exhibitions, educational workshops, film festivals, multidisciplinary seminars, creation of Apps and E-books,) that contribute to strengthening the offer of cultural institutions with a view to enhancing and using the assets increasingly broad and integrated.

The projects of social innovation all have a fundamental characteristic that unites them: the deep interaction between training, expansion of knowledge, personal growth and cultural offer. Initiatives aimed at contributing to the change and transformation of our country taking into account the identity profile of cultural areas that have traced Italian history.