In continuity with the teaching of Luigi Sturzo, research and development projects are aimed at identifying and clarifying the main issues that characterize societies and contemporary culture from the historical, economic, social and political point of view. Moreover, the Institute, from its origins, has placed itself in a European and international dimension, carrying out numerous initiatives in partnerships with other research institutes, foundations and institutions.

Research and development

The research goals are defined in the confrontation with the reality of civil society and aspire to make the essential elements of the historical-political and social development, in a national and international perspective, the object of scientific reflection. In addition to research on the history of the 20th Century, particular attention was paid to those projects able to identify and analyze some key points for the development of the country such as: democracy and globalization, popularism and populism, economic crisis and migration, Europe and social innovation , in addition to those initiatives which, due to the topicality of their themes, are able to involve young people and to project the Institute into an international dimension.

The Institute offers to the Country the work of a scientific institution, free of ideological conditioning, to identify the crucial points that hinder the development of full democracy and to suggest the prospects for development, economic, social and political conditions that appear essential for a democracy that is more responsive to the needs of citizens. Thanks to a network of partnerships and collaborations, is powered a dialogue, exchange, a sharing of strategies and the access to cultural heritage.