“White shelf “: a collection of books for the “Il Maggio dei Libri”

In the context of Il Maggio dei Libri, Luigi Sturzo Institute intends to propose a series of volumes, relating to the Catholic movement, which are mostly present in its “Gabriele De Rosa” Library.

The path of bibliographic reconstruction aims to cover, above all, with some exceptions, through the publications indicated, the period of time that goes from the dissolution of the Christian Democrats to the present day. And, in this context, the activities, in the party and in society, of the major Christian Democrat exponents, and of a large part of Italian Catholicism.

The proposed review, aware of its non-exhaustiveness with respect to such a complex topic, is intended to be a tool that helps to conduct, through the published texts, a reasoned analysis on the history of Christian Democracy and its protagonists. But not only. Also of the country in its social, political (both internal and international), economic and religious evolution.

The works concerning Luigi Sturzo have not been included in the bibliography and will be the subject of a future work.

The publications indicated, divided by year of edition, are all present in the OPAC of the National Library System and are owned, for the most part, at the Luigi Sturzo Institute Library.

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