Started the II edition of webinar between history and actuality of the Institute

The second cycle of history and current events meetings of the Luigi Sturzo Institute intend to address some of the most important issues in the history of the country, according to the scheme of the dialogue between the author and the discussant.

From the difficulties and the crisis of the Church today, faced with new challenges, to a reconstruction of the birth and development of the mass media in Italy both as a social and historical phenomenon. Up to the events of Italian communism, both in its national peculiarities and as an expression of an inescapable international dimension.

Themes and problems that intertwine, leaving us not only a historical description of the country, but leading us to understand its possible developments and some aspects of its contemporaneity.



June 11,  18 pm

La Chiesa brucia. Crisi e futuro del cristianesimo di Andrea Riccardi

Discussant: prof. Nicola Antonetti e prof. Agostino Giovagnoli



June 21, 18 pm

Specchi infiniti. Storia dei media in Italia dal dopoguerra ad oggi di Andrea Sangiovanni

Discussant: prof.ssa Enrica Asquer



June 30, 18 pm

I comunisti italiani e gli altri di  Silvio Pons

Discussant: prof. Antonio Varsori