The “Scritti e Discorsi” from Giulio Andreotti archive Online on the MIBAC Iternet Culturale portal

The Collection originates from the digitization of the collection of writings and speeches preserved in the personal archive that Senator Giulio Andreotti donated to the Luigi Sturzo Institute in Rome. The texts are kept in the Archive section, which contains the most significant and consistent nucleus of this documentation, the two series of Writings and Speeches. The materials are stored in 170 envelopes based on a chronological and thematic organization and listed in an original paper file consisting of 1700 files.

The chronological section published here consists of articles, essays and speeches – included in a chronological range from 1942 to 1990 – of a political, institutional, ecclesiastical, cultural, custom, appeared, in the form of an article, interview and review on newspapers, periodicals or polygraphy and interventions made during election campaigns, parliamentary debates, conferences, conferences, seminars, party assemblies, commemorative meetings. They are kept in the form of diagrams, notes, different editions in handwritten or typewritten drafting, editions and printed reports, often accompanied by preparatory and study materials


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