The “Permanent Italo-Argentine Seminar on Applied Politics” program is underway

A new line of research dedicated to Latin America has just been launched by the Luigi Sturzo Institute thanks to the recent acquisition of the Gino Germani Fund of Social Sciences, History and Comparative Studies and the reflections made in recent years on the issue of democracy in Europe.
The “Permanent Italo-Argentine Seminar on Applied Politics” program, starting from the analyzes on the current state of European democracy and on the growing disaffection of citizens from politics and parties, intends to compare democratic experiences in Europe and Latin America, verifying whether , with particular reference to the Argentine experience, useful elements can be identified to better understand the current European crisis and try to overcome it.
The first initiative of the program is a series of closed-door webinars entitled “Latin America and Europe in comparison: how to overcome the crisis of democracy”, in collaboration with the UNSAM-Universidad Nacional de San Martin, which will be launched on December 9th, 2020 at 5 pm.