The “Istituto Gino Germani” Fund, the new acquisition of Luigi Sturzo Institute


Approximately 14 thousand volumes have been acquired by the Gino Germani Institute: a rich and prestigious library heritage specializing in multiple themes and sectors of social sciences, humanities and international relations. The fund also contains works on Latin America, Mediterranean Europe, the Soviet and post-Soviet world, the countries of the Middle East, North Africa, the Persian Gulf and the Balkan area.

The book heritage is composed of 2 Funds:

  • Gino Germani Fund of Social Sciences, History and Comparative Studies: around 6.000 volumes in English, Italian, Spanish and French, formed between the thirties and the late seventies by Gino Germani, an Italian sociologist and intellectual during his academic career in the South America, in the United States and in Italy;
  • Edward A. Bayne Fund of Mediterranean Studies: around 8.000 volumes, in English, composed by Edward A. Bayne, an official of the US State Department, a scholar of international relations and of Mediterranean countries. The Bayne Collection was acquired in 1983 by the Germani Institute, which ensured further enrichment.

The recent acquisition in addition to representing a valuable resource for scholars, researchers and students, will open our Institute to new research perspectives in the field of international relations and geopolitics with particular reference to the area of ​​Latin America and the Mediterranean.