Published the bibliographic catalog of Miscellanies collections of Luigi Sturzo

The Institute publishes the topographical inventories of the General Miscellanee of the first 2,000 publications divided into 129 folders: extracts, monographs, small treatises, brochures and reports from the Italian academic and scientific world collected and selected by Luigi Sturzo and his collaborators.

The topics collected span a vast horizon of themes: from the relationship between the Catholic Church and politics to sociological investigations into crime. From the economic situation of Southern Italy to the major economic and political issues relating to the European Union, up to articles on historical topics, works concerning the mafia organizations, investigations on the Italian agricultural economy and speeches and commemorations delivered by national political figures of relief. These are documents that cover a large period of time, from the mid-nineteenth century to the early seventies of the twentieth century.



General Miscellanee inventory