On line the web site on Luigi Granelli

The site luigigranelli documents, through rich and heterogeneous materials, the numerous assignments assumed during the long political activity, as well as the innumerable intellectual interests and curiosities of the Lombard politician.

The site is divided into several sections, including:

  • “Biography”, containing memories, a profile of the politician, a photo gallery and an infographic;
  • “Writings and speeches”, articulated in various subsections, where are placed those taken from magazines and conferences and those carried out during his parliamentary and ministerial activity and in the numerous political and cultural associations;
  • “Base”, with its history, its protagonists, its publications and Granelli’s contributions;
  • “Other resources”, interviews, audio speeches, videos, electoral leaflets, letters and tickets.


Finally, the site populates insights on some “guiding themes” such as the practice of democracy, international politics, the defense of workers, scientific research, economic policy and public and television communication.