News from Archive: the inventory of “Corrispondenza” series by Luigi Sturzo

As part of the Sturzo Celebrations 2018 – 2020, was launched the inventory of the Correspondence relating to the years 1946-1959 of the Luigi Sturzo fund.

The correspondence, object of the reorganization, is conserved in the last section of the personal archive of Luigi Sturzo and covers the period from the return to Italy from exile to death (1946 – 1959).

Also in the course of 2018, in a thecnology and paper version, another 3 Series of the Luigi Sturzo archive were inventoried, for a total of about 8,600 documents:


  • Permanent Committee for the South Series (1946-1959), about 7,000 documents concerning Sturzo’s work as chairman of the Standing Committee for Southern Italy, a political body established in December 1947 with the task of promoting and coordinating the party towards possible solutions to the economic and social problems of the South.
  • Cassa for the Mezzogiorno Series (1950-1959), more than 1,300 documents, reflecting Sturzo’s attention to the work of the Cassa for the Realization of Extraordinary Works of Public Interest in Southern Italy  established by the VI De Gasperi Government for the preparation of programs, financing and execution of works for the economic and social progress of the Italian south.
  • Southern Issues Series (1946-1951), about 300 documents that testify Sturzo’s attention to the ‘southern question’ and to all the problems affecting the South, such as the low level of economic development, the backwardness of agricultural systems, and illiteracy.