#laculturanonsiferma: a cultural offer accessible from home

Luigi Sturzo Institute adheres to the #laculturanonsiferma initiative launched by MiBACT, proposing a selection of readings, videos, photos and images selected from our archival and!bibliographic heritage to our friends and to all who know us and follow us.

We try to enrich your days and not lose sight of us.   Enjoy the reading!


We start with the digital path “April 18, 1948. Winners and losers“, a narration between texts and documents to remember that election day with which Republican Italy set the cornerstones of its democratic future.

We continue with the following proposals:

  • The clandestine “Il Popolo”  (1943 – 1944), a journey through the eight issues – in clandestine edition – of the Roman newspaper closed by Mussolini in October 1943. A newspaper, wanted by Luigi Sturzo and founded and directed by Giuseppe Donati, whose the entire collection is kept by the “Gabriele De Rosa” Library of the Sturzo Institute.
  • The Women’s Movement, to remember April 25 with a testimony on Catholic women engaged in politics during the #resistance, the constituent assembly and on the history of the DC Movement from 1944 to 1993. In addition to the bibliographic and archival material, the path collects the video “Memories of women” with excerpts from interviews collected by the Institute between 2006 and 2010.
  • Aldo Moro in the archives of the Luigi Sturzo Institute  a narration between the documents and images of our archive, testifying to the political and institutional activity and the intellectual and human depth of the statesman.