Inventory work continues on the Luigi Sturzo Fund with the series “Writings from the Second World War 1946-1959”

In the context of the archival work in progress on the bottom of Luigi Sturzo, the Historical Archive communicates the event conclusion of the analytical inventory of another part of the fund concerning the Writings section and in particularly the series of “Writings from the Second World War 1946-1959”.
There are 2,984 short writings, including articles, essays, letters, prefaces, speeches, greeting messages, notes, patterns, commemorations.
This documentation represents an important testimony of the visibility that Sturzo enjoyed after returning to Italy in 1946 when, collected in the two rooms of the Canossian convent, with lively pen and sharp prose intervenes, with an average of four articles a week, on the “Giornale of Italy ”against politicians, parties, government men, economists, parliamentarians and voters.

Nearly 3,000 items in 13 years, where there is for everyone: famous his complaint of the controlled-controllers, of the excesses of the statism, of the overflowing of the public hand, of the unscrupulous use of public money, of the multiplication of institutions, recourse to the secret vote in Parliament, financing of parties, of party politics, clientelism.


As usual, the inventory, for a total of 622 pages, was prepared both in computerized version that in paper version, and offers an analytical description of each written one, also with the indication of all its editorial features.
In addition, more than 30 pages of onomastic, toponymic, and indexes were compiled to facilitate the search of institutions.
The documentation, together with the paper inventory, is available for on-site consultation by anyone who wants to request it.