Gino Germani Library: a precious tool for interpreting the cultural context between the 1930s and 1970s

The cataloging of the Gino Germani Fund of Social Sciences, History and Comparative Studies has restarted. The volumes in English, Italian, Spanish and French were collected by the Italian sociologist and intellectual between the 1930s  and the end of the 1970s, in South America, the United States and Italy. The usability of the collection represents a precious resource for scholars towards new research perspectives, not only in the field of international relations and geopolitics, but also in relations with the intellectuals of his time.

The collection can be defined as an “Author’s Library”, or as Luigi Crocetti refers to, a cultural archive, that is the testimony of a story read as an important interpretative tool in the knowledge of the cultural context.

The texts are often correlated by notes, dedications, annotations and comments without counting the material found inside such as letters and notes, which allow us to analyze the different paths of Germani and the relationships with the intellectuals and scholars of his time.

To deepen this aspect, a webinar will be organized  December, 4th 2020 on the theme of relations between the sociologist Gino Germani and the historian Renzo De Felice entitled: Gino Germani and Renzo De Felice: modernization and youth question.

The cataloging project and the seminar were financed by the Lazio Region, Regional Directorate for Culture, Youth Policies L.R. n. 24/2019.