Documentary exhibition “Diplomacy at the table”

There are over 1300 menus belonging to the Giulio Andreotti Archive which document the working lunches, official lunches and receptions to which Andreotti participated along with numerous personalities from politics and institutions, with which it is possible to reconstruct diplomatic relations and the role of food and wine, its languages and symbols in international relations, with an eye on Italy’s relations with European and non-European countries.

The menu exhibition organized by the Italian Cultural Institute of Paris, on the occasion of the fourth edition of the Italian Cooking Week in the World, wants to be a journey through the events that have made the history of 20th century Italy, including notes and photographs , elaborate dishes and fine wines.


From November 13th to 22nd  2019, 10.00 – 13.00/15.00-18.00 and in the evening during the events on the calendar

Italian Cultural Institute of Paris, 50, rue de Varenne – 75007 Paris