Digital Edition of Alcide De Gasperi Letters

Friday 5 April 2019 will be presented the digital edition of the collection of Alcide De Gapseri, at the historical archive of the Presidency of the Republic, in the presence of the President of the Republic Sergio Mattarella

To study the figure of De Gasperi historiography has resorted to a vast and heterogeneous documentary mass: public writings and speeches, newspaper articles, direct testimonies, correspondence. This last documentary typology constitutes a very rich patrimony, so far only partially explored. Some letters have been studied and published in studies and collections dedicated to the statesman or his correspondents, many are still waiting to be identified and made accessible in order to allow the personal and public outlines of one of the most important figures in history to be more clearly defined. of the last century.

To meet this need, more than sixty years after the death of the statesman it seemed appropriate to create a critical edition that publishes the letters written and received by De Gasperi according to chronological, thematic and geographical criteria, accompanying them with a reference bibliography of reference.

Trentino Alcide De Gasperi Foundation, the statesman’s family represented by Maria Romana De Gasperi, Bruno Kessler Foundation and Luigi Sturzo Institute have established a partnership to conduct a multi-year project for the publication of a corpus of letters in digital edition, through the creation of an open access virtual archive for easy reference.

The Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities gave the project a national importance, giving rise to the National Edition of the Degasperal epistolary (MiBACT decree 519 2016).

The digital archive aims to make all the letters of Alcide De Gasperi available over time. Each letter, accompanied by information (date, place, state of conservation, recipient, typology, reference bibliography) and metadata according to the Dublin Core standard, will be subjected to advanced semantic analysis techniques of the text; it will be downloadable in PDF format; will allow advanced searches on the text and on the context data