Andreotti and Gheddafi. Letters e documents 1983-2006

Published the book “Andreotti and Gaddafi. Letters and documents 1983-2006”, edited by Massimo Bucarelli and Luca Micheletta, with a preface by Francesco Lefebvre D’Ovidio, Rome Editions of History and Literature, 2019.

The work is the second volume of the important series “The Cards of Giulio Andreotti”, with which it is intended to make available, in commented scientific editions, the correspondence and documents kept in the Giulio Andreotti Archive. Alongside these, essays are also proposed which, starting from this very rich heritage, investigate the most relevant aspects of Italian and international politics in the post-war period.

The project is the result of the reorganization, inventorying and digital acquisition of selected documents, of the Libya practice, 1955-2007 (131 fascc., 31 envelopes), a core of documentation essential for understanding the history of Italo-Libyan relations and the aims that Andreotti set himself in his attempts at mediation and dialogue in one of the most complex moments for Italy and its international relations.