The Women’s Movement

The digital narrative is dedicated to the political activity of Catholic women during the Resistance and the Constituent Assembly and to the history of the Christian Democratic Women’s Movement from 1944 to 1993.

Particular attention was paid to the National Conferences of the Christian Democratic Women’s Movement from 1946 to 1993. For the Conventions there are, besides the programs and the indices of the Acts published by the Women’s Movement, also the articles published on Il Popolo, Popolo e Libertà, Women of Italy, Women Society and the Discussion.

The  digital narrative concludes with a bibliography on the most significant representatives of the Christian Democratic Women’s Movement and some of their interventions at national conferences as well as the video “Memorie di donne” made with the interviews collected by the Institute, between 2006 and 2010, and a playlist on the theme of the political commitment of Catholic women.

On the platform Digital of the Institute is consultable Azione femminile, the magazine of the Women’s Movement of Christian Democracy from December 1944 and December 1945.




La stagione del centro sinistra 1955-1968
Dieci convegni nazionali 1966
XI Convegno nazionale 1967
Concretezza a13 n5 -1967
Concretezza a13 n7 -1967
XV convegno nazionali 1971
XII Convegno Nazionale -1971
XIII Convegno Nazionale 1975
XIV Convegno Nazionale 1977