The season of movement 1966 – 1978

The insights of the movements 1966-1978, in the documentation and publications of the Catholic area, represents an important research tool in the historical and sociological analysis of this crucial phase of Italian history. During 2017, the Institute participated, in
collaboration with the Basso Foundation, a project of the national civil service Storia in rete. Digitize to share sources on the movement season (1966-1978).

The work, carried out in the Library, through chronological examination (1966-1978) and thematic, involved:

  • the daily Il Popolo (1944-2003): founded in 1923 by Giuseppe Donati, was a press organ before the Italian Popular Party (from 1923 to 1925) oriented towards the exposition of individual national and international political events or news;
  • the weekly La Discussione (1953-1993): founded by Alcide De Gasperi and published since December 1953 is more oriented to an interpretation of historical and political phenomena.

The results were published on a website, which also includes work done on the sources conserved at the Basso Foundation.