The young Moro

In the papers of the funds of the historical archive of Luigi Sturzo Institute there are useful documents to help reconstruct the events related to the youth phase of the biography of Aldo Moro. These are mostly documents present in the private funds of some personalities who have known, frequented and had relations with him in the areas of Catholic associations. The documentation therefore pertains to crucial events in which the young Moro participated – as, for example, the study week held between 18 and 24 July 1943 which led to the drafting of the Code of Camaldoli (a document that became central for the activity and the political and social culture of the Italian Catholics) – or the managerial positions he assumed: the FUCI presidency between 1939 and 1942; the presidency of the Movement graduated in 1945-1946 (interrupted by new commitments imposed by political activity); the direction of the review “Studium”, an expression of Catholic intellectuals, held as president of the ML but continued until the end of 1948. Among the private papers of prominent political and intellectual personalities, such as Vittorino Veronese, Sergio Paronetto, Giuseppe Spataro , Guido Gonella, Giulio Andreotti, is therefore a useful documentation to provide a contribution for the reconstruction of these central passages in the intellectual, religious and political life of the young Moro.


Lettera di Aldo Moro, presidente della Fuci, a Giuseppe Spataro
Codice di Camaldoli. Lista partecipanti
Codice di Camaldoli. Proposte per la commissione consultiva
Circolare di Moro, direttore di Studium
Documento relativo all’abbandono della direzione del Movimento Laureati da parte di Aldo Moro e Angela Gotelli
Lettera di Aldo Moro a Vittorino Veronese
Osservazioni del Movimento Laureati sul nuovo statuto dell’Azione cattolica
Carteggio tra Francesco Di Piazza e Aldo Moro
Lettera di Vittorino Veronese a Aldo Moro sull’ Associazione educatrice italo-francese
Lettera di Giulio Andreotti ad Aldo Moro su la FUCI e la riforma universitaria
Lettera di Giulio Andreotti ad Aldo Moro sull’organizzazione del Congresso della FUCI
Lettera di Giulio Andreotti ad Aldo Moro