The images of Moro

A section dedicated to the images of Moro can be declined in many different ways, both for the multiplicity of possible sources and for the type of reading that one wants to propose. Considering the documentation present in the archives of Luigi Sturzo Institute, the section is divided into several points that take into account the peculiarities of the iconographic sources: photographs, posters and – particularly valuable material to evaluate the construction of specific images of Moro (naturally changing over time) – the cartoons. Together with this reading, another is proposed based on the representation of Moro post-mortem, that is on the way in which the tragic event of his killing by Brigate Rosse on May 9, 1978 has changed the interpretations of the political figure of Moro and his role in the history of republican Italy and political Catholicism. The celebrations, monuments, plaques, anniversaries, publications and speeches are a precious material to understand how the Christian Democratic ruling class has metabolized the mourning of his death and used the figure of Moro placing it in the pantheon of the great figures of reference of the Italian political Catholicism together with personalities such as Alcide De Gasperi and Luigi Sturzo. Useful in this direction are mainly some private funds that include entire sections dedicated to the statesman, such as those of Luigi Granelli, Guido Gonella, Giulio Andreotti, without of course forgetting the fund of Christian Democracy with particular regard to the papers related to the office activity “SPES” – Propaganda and press service of the Christian Democrats.