Moro and government activity

As far as the government activity, Aldo Moro soon started a path. After his appointment as undersecretary for Foreign Affairs in the 5th government, De Gasperi (with the title of the ministry assigned to Carlo Sforza), between May 1948 and January 1950, Moro was involved in the executive after a five year break becoming Prime Minister of Grace and Justice (Scelba Government, July 1955 / May 1957) and, subsequently, Minister of Education, between May 1957 and February 1959 in the Zoli and Fanfani II governments. The documentation in the funds of the Luigi Sturzo Institute concerning these years is limited. They help to reconstruct some specific events and issues the minutes of the directors of parliamentary groups (especially for the phase of public education), as well as some personal funds, such as, for example, the fund Giovanni Gronchi for some events related to the activity of minister of Grace and justice or the personal papers of Luigi Sturzo and Vittorino Veronese for the IP. Naturally, the most conspicuous part is inherent in the activity after his office. Once he became Chairman of the Board in December 1963, Aldo Moro’s career underwent an acceleration that consolidated him more and more in the image of statesman. He led the government uninterruptedly from 1963 to 1968 (giving life to three executives), to return between November 1974 and July 1976 (forming an IV and then a V Moro government). In the meantime he held the role of Foreign Minister – uninterrupted between August 1969 and June 1972 – in several fragile governments and again between July 1973 and November 1974. Useful for these years are some personal funds: from that of Luigi Granelli who was his undersecretary for Foreign Affairs to that of Vittorino Veronese, who often involved him above all by virtue of his many international roles, still passing through the precious and abundant papers of Giulio Andreotti or those, much more limited, of Mario Scelba. But it is above all the documents drawn from the party funds that can represent interesting resources: in particular the funds of the parliamentary groups of the Chamber and Senate, the national leadership and the various political secretariats (particularly significant that of Mariano Rumor), in each of which it is a section dedicated to relations with the government.


Carteggio tra Giovanni Gronchi, presidente della Repubblica e Aldo Moro
Lettera di Vittorino Veronese ad Aldo Moro
Lettera di Luigi Sturzo ad Aldo Moro
Verbale della riunione del Comitato direttivo del gruppo DC alla Camera dei deputati
Verbale della riunione del Comitato direttivo del gruppo DC alla Camera dei deputati
Lettera di Paolo Napoli, presidente dell’Unione parlamentare per la libertà d’insegnamento
Lettera di Mariano Rumor, segreterio politico ad Aldo Moro