Over the years, the Institute has created a network of collaborations with national and international organizations that have contributed to give further prestige and relevance to the Institute’s activities.

Below are the latest and most significant collaboration agreements:


AICI – Association of Institutions of Italian Culture, established in 1992 by a group of associations, foundations and cultural institutions distributed throughout the country that carry out research, conservation and promotion in the most diverse areas of cultural production.

ENCACT – European Network on Cultural Management and Policy – Founded in 1992, ENCATC is a network of over 100 institutions in over 40 countries active in the field of education, training and research in the field of management and cultural policy .

Wilfried Martens Center for European Studies, the foundation of the EPP that annually organizes initiatives among representatives of European foundations and think tanks to discuss with experts and institutional representatives topical issues such as immigration, security, terrorism, regional cooperation, political and economic reforms at the level European integration of minorities.

Wilson Center Washington, linked to the figure of Thomas Woodrow Wilson, 28th president of the United States of America. The collaboration between the two institutions takes place within an agreement that involves the creation, on the one hand, of the sorting, description and inventorying of the Giulio Andreotti fund.

CIVITAS Forum of Archives and Research on the Christian Democracy international network of institutes, archives and research centers, with the aim of deepening and spreading the issues related to the conservation of archival documents, with particular reference to those belonging to the European Catholic political world.

Fondazione K. Adenauer, Italian Office, with which important research and political training initiatives will be carried out on the issue of immigration, stimulating debate and analysis of the migration process in progress in the main European countries through a dialogue with experts and representatives of Italian and European institutions.

Embassy of the People’s Republic of China (IT) with which the research initiatives on the China-Italy dialogue will be carried out and the sorting, description and inventorying of the G. Andreotti fund (Relationship series between Italy and China 1949 – 1969) .

Margareth Thatcher Foundation of Edinburgh in collaboration with the University of Cagliari, with whom will be carried out an intervention of rearrangement, description and inventory of the Great Britain series of the G. Andreotti Fund.

University of Perugia, (IT) with whom will be carried out an intervention of rearrangement, description and inventory of the Somalia and UN series of the G. Andreotti Fund.

Loughbourough University – Leicestershire (UK), with which several informal training projects (digital storytelling) have been launched under the Erasmus + program.

Centro Studi Americani, (IT) with which important research initiatives have been launched in historical attire.

La Sapienza University, with which an agreement was signed for the realization of the International High School of Sociology that I know will take place from 26 to 30 June 2017.

University of Rome Tor Vergata, with which an agreement was signed relating to the course in Communication Sciences for the realization of the “Sturzo laboratory” (4CFU)

Lello Lombardi Foundation with which a series of training initiatives have been carried out (School of Political Education in Molise and Euro-planning course)