Friends of Luigi Sturzo Institute Association


On July 11, 2000 the Friends of the Luigi Sturzo Institute – non-profit organization was established, among those who contributed or intend to contribute to the dissemination of Luigi Sturzo’s work in the moral, political and sociological fields.

The Association is based in Rome at the Luigi Sturzo Institute, Palazzo Baldassini.

It is a non-profit organization of social utility – non-profit organization (Article 10 of Legislative Decree No. 460, December 4, 1997) which was created for the promotion and enhancement of the artistic, archival and library patrimony, collected and conserved in Palazzo Baldassini, seat of the Luigi Sturzo Institute; is therefore aimed at those who intend to contribute, both economically and culturally, to the conservation, reorganization, dissemination of the material stored in the Historical Archive and in the Library specializing in sociology and contemporary history, and the enhancement of the sixteenth-century palace, built by Antonio da Sangallo the Younger is decorated by the painters of the Raffaello School.

The Association encourages, in particular, the aggregation between people residing in the same territory (Municipality, Province, Region); they share work experiences, knowledge of specific problems and a desire to commit themselves to the civil, social and economic growth of our country and the wider community of which it is part.



Nicola Antonetti


Francesco Malgeri, Roberto Mazzotta, Flavia Piccoli, Bruno Tabacci

Founding members

Corrado Barberis, Vincenzo Cesareo, Fernando Della Rocca, Gabriele De Rosa, Francesco Malgeri, Michele Marotta, Flavia Piccoli, Pietro Scoppola