“Gabriele De Rosa” Library

The Library possesses a patrimony of more than 140,000 monographs, about 90,000 cataloged in SBN, and oversees the updating of 60 periodicals, for a total between lit and off of 600. The material possessed is related to sociological, historical, anthropological and political disciplines of Italian and international production.

This material has been collected over time thanks to a policy of purchases in the field of bibliographic novelties and antiques and also through the acquisition of important personal funds, 30 in all, such as that of historians Gabriele De Rosa, Pietro Scoppola and Vittorio Emanuele Giuntella, of sociologists such as Marcello Lelli or of parties or bodies such as Democrazia Cristiania and the Society for the History of Social Service. This work has made possible the constitution of a nucleus of unique and difficult to find material (monographs, pamphlets, serials, gray literature) of irreplaceable importance in the history of the birth and development of social sciences in our country and, in parallel, in the history of thought Catholic.

For this reason, the library material of the Library has obtained from the Superintendent of Cultural Heritage the declaration “of national historical importance and of exceptional cultural interest”.

In April 2011, after a restoration and architectural restoration, the new Library building was inaugurated, named after Professor Gabriele De Rosa, a distinguished historian and president of the Institute from 1979 to 2007.

To make available the collected heritage, an important project has been undertaken to digitize bibliographic material of considerable documentary and scientific value to facilitate remote consultation and to safeguard paper support. The digitized documents concerned the Opera omnia by Luigi Sturzo, the post-war magazines of particular rarity and scientific interest, and in 2013 the Il Popolo newspaper (years 1944-2003), including about 18,000 numbers, for a total about 200,000 pages.

All digitized material has been included in the Digital.Sturzo platform, a consultation tool both on site and remotely.


Opening  to the public:

Tuesday – Friday 09.00 am – 16.30pm
Book distribution 9:30 am – 12.00 am – 1.30pm

The catalogue of the volumes is available for consultation in  SBN