The archive

The Historical Archive is one of the constituent elements of the Institute’s heritage since its origins. It was progressively established around the Luigi Sturzo fund, donated by the founder by wills testamentary.

The Historical Archive, specialized in the recovery and enhancement, through research, studies and publications of sources for the history of popularism and democratic Catholicism in Italy since the late nineteenth century, has a remarkable documentary heritage consisting primarily of papers by Luigi Sturzo and numerous other funds by Catholic politicians who have carried out an activity of decisive importance for the foundation of the Italian Popular Party, the Christian Democrats and for the politics of Italian governments from the second post-war period to the present day.

This patrimony currently amounts to 114 funds of more than 20.000 envelopes of documents, 1.300 posters, 100.000 photographs, 1.450 audio documents and about 650 films. These are historical funds, all declared of considerable historical interest by the Lazio Archival Superintendence and distinguishable in private funds of persons and private funds of parties and bodies.

On the basis of the archival norms in force, all the funds are made available to the public as soon as they have the appropriate consultation tools.

The recent redevelopment of the headquarters of the Historical Archive, with the relocation of its offices in the west wing of the ground floor of Palazzo Baldassini, with the prestigious grottoes hall of Giovanni Da Udine, has ensured a greater functionality of access, one of its most direct connection with the Library’s premises, a facilitated use of the documentary material and, therefore, a general enhancement of the entire documentary heritage possessed.