Information and services

The Historical Archive is open from Tuesday to Friday from 9.00 am to 4.30 pm.

It is advisable to reserve the place in the study room.

Access to the Historical Archive is free, upon presentation of an identity document and, for graduating students, a letter from the teacher. The consultation is carried out only on site, in the room reserved for users.

There is no maximum limit of daily requests and the documentation being consulted can be left in storage. Copies of the documents are allowed, but not entire files and / or correspondence. It is forbidden to use the documentation for commercial purposes, its transfer to third parties and its publication, in whole or in part, without explicit authorization.

The Responsible of the Historical Archive is available to assist users in the consultation of the funds held by carrying out manual and online searches. It is also available to answer questions and requests for information even when not related to the consultation of funds held by the Institute, such as consultancy for the orientation and setting of research and thesis.

Requests for information can also be forwarded by telephone and e-mail

Responsible: Dr. Concetta Argiolas