With a view to fulfilling the general requirements of protection, conservation, description, access and enhancement of the cards, the Historical Archive, in addition to activities related to the management of the assets held, carries out a series of other activities aimed at its promotion, such as:

  • consultations and archival and historical research aimed at events and projects promoted directly by the Institute or in collaboration with other Italian or foreign institutions, public or private;
  • collaborations with institutions that have similar purposes, in Italy and abroad, of protection and public use of documentary material concerning the history of the parties;
  • publication of product inventories and of the documentation held particularly relevant and / or unpublished;
  • scientific and editorial care of the Opera Omnia of Luigi Sturzo;
  • writing articles, interviews, news etc. and their dissemination in the press on initiatives related to the activity of the Institute with particular reference to the Historical Archive;
  • educational and didactic activities carried out with the aim of guaranteeing visibility to the documentary heritage and encouraging young people’s access to historical research and archival research;
  • guided tours of the Historical Archive for the public requesting it, in groups or individually, with particular reference to the students of archival schools.