Reflections on the future of Europe

Luigi Sturzo Institute, from its origins, has placed itself in a European and international dimension, qualifying itself as a cultural institution able to offer a point of reference for the understanding of the process of development and democratization that took place after World War II. .

The numerous researches, collaborations and exchanges with European research institutions, which have marked one of the fundamental lines for the Institute's activities since the beginning, have been further increased in recent years.

In this perspective, the Institute is carrying out a reflection on the future of Europe, with the aim of illustrating and discussing the current meaning of the European identity and discussing the modalities of political relaunch of the integration project.
This reflection is imposed in the light of the numerous symptoms of an ever widening gap that has been created between citizens and European institutions, such as the rise of Euro-skeptical parties and the requests for renationalization, and the consequent need to rethink the European Union, in order to be able to propose responses to the current crisis scenarios and to interest citizens again.


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