20 April 2021
hours 13:30

Webinar “The Internal Dimension: Harmonisation and Interaction”


Second dialogue of the program lunched by Istituto Luigi Sturzo and Brussels Office of the Hanns Seidel Foundation are promoting an online policy dialogue series to provide an opportunity to promote and facilitate political dialogue among relevant political actors on questions related to the new pact of migration and asylum.

The close door meeting wants to analize some related aspects Β to irregular migration effects on labour markets and social security systems.

What kind of support do Member States need in order to implement the measures proposed by the pact successfully? What are the obstacles to rapid harmonisation of the relevant procedures and structures in the Member States? In which areas could a European agency take on administrative and operational tasks in order to improve interaction and ensure common standards? What about the future of the Schengen area, if progress is not made quickly?