4 December 2020
hours 15:00

Webinar “Gino Germani and Renzo De Felice: modernization and the youth question”


There are about 6 thousand volumes of the Germani Fund of Social Sciences, History and Comparative Studies that the Luigi Sturzo Institute has acquired from the Gino Germani Institute of Social Sciences and Strategic Studies: a rich library heritage specialized on multiple themes and sectors of the social sciences, humanities and international relations.

One of the most prestigious and original figures in contemporary sociology, Gino Germani was a scientist of the crisis, who analyzed throughout his life the relationship between modernity and authoritarianism, the problematic link on which his research revolved, and which is still the fundamental node today. , and more dramatic, than our difficult present.

The conference aims to compare the reflections of Germani and Renzo De Felice, as scholars of old and new totalitarianisms, from fascism to modern forms of authoritarianism, and as interpreters of these phenomena in the face of modernization and the youth question.



The event will be online on the Facebook page and on the Youtube channel of @istitutoluigisturzo


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