5 July 2019
hours 20:30

Theatrical representation and debate “Appello ai libero e forti” by Luigi Sturzo

Chiostro San Nicolò - Spoleto (TN)

As part of the 62nd edition of the Festival dei 2 Mondi di Spoleto, Luigi Sturzo Institute, CISS International Center for Sturzo Studies together with Sicilia Teatro Castellinaria, stage the theatrical performance Appello ai libero e forti by Luigi Sturzo with adaptation of Francesco Failla.

The event is another opportunity to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the birth of the Italian Popular Party [Ppi] founded, on the evening of 18 January 1919 at  Santa Chiara Hotel in Rome, through the dissemination of the Appeal “Appello ai libero e forti “and the annexed 12-point Program.

In Italy and in the tumultuous and restless Europe, of the end of the First World War, Luigi Sturzo, after a long and intense personal journey, in communion with others, inaugurated the experience of a national party of Catholic inspiration, but secular, with programmatic and reforming characters. Keystone of the appeal is freedom, understood as a constitutive element of Christian life and public life, a reference and inspiration that will always accompany Don Sturzo in his civic, human, political and religious life.

The commemoration of the event as well as staging the Appeal of Sturzo, promotes, to follow, a meeting-debate on its relevance.