19 November 2018
hours 15:00

Seminary “Globalization and the eclipse of national sovereignty” – Cycle of showing “Citizens of the World. Cinema tells Globalization”

Sala Perin del Vaga - Istituto Luigi Sturzo

Globalization calls into question the centrality of national states. The multinationals, the supranational institutions, the global financial market, the European Union, on the one hand and the spread of peripheral nationalisms and localisms on the other, determine a crisis from above and below national sovereignty. Faced with this scenario, theses and antitheses are multiplied and intersected regarding the eclipse of national sovereignty.


Introduction: Prof. Andrea Bixio, La Sapienza University of Rome
Showing: The Economy of Happiness, by Helena Norberg-Hodge, Steven Gorelick, John Page – International Production 2011