9 December 2019
hours 17:30

Seminar “Emilio Colombo. Protagonista della storia italiana ed europea del Novecento”

Perin del Vaga Room - Luigi Sturzo Institute

The seminar on Emilio Colombo intends to pay tribute to the figure of one of the most important protagonists of Italian and European history of the twentieth century, offering a reminder of the activity he carried out both nationally and internationally and giving an account of his commitment as a man of the South, as a statesman and as a Europeanist.

The seminar will also be an opportunity to present the personal archive of Emilio Colombo, recently acquired by the Sturzo Institute, and for whose reorganization an Agreement will be signed with the European University Institute of Florence (Historical Archives of the Union European).
Speeches: Nicola Antonetti, Giampaolo D’Andrea, Francesco Malgeri, Antonio Varsori, Fabrizio W. Luciolli, Dieter Schlenker, Concetta Argiolas.


Access to the hall is permitted only through a strictly personal invitation.