11 November 2019
hours 16:00

Seminar “The places of words. The role of libraries in Reading Literacy”

Biblioteca β€œGabriele De Rosa” - Istituto Luigi Sturzo


Expressive reading interventions by Francesca Gatto

Last seminar of the cycle I Luoghi delle Parole of the project Between the Lines that starting from reading aloud highlights the importance of the library in Reading Literacy. During the meeting, like the previous times, participants will be provided with tools to use reading as a vehicle for communicating contents (didactic and cultural) to be proposed in different educational, educational and informative contexts (schools, libraries, libraries, cultural centers , etc.).
It starts with a few pages of the book The boy who loved Shakespeare, by Bob Smith where the author, in telling his unique story, refers to the importance he had for him, as a boy, to take refuge in the library of his American citizen to find breath, calm, concentration.

The Library, therefore, as a place of reading, but also of intimate dialogue between authors and readers, of meeting between people who share a love of reading; the Library still as an opportunity for individual growth and as a social redemption.