9 May 2019
hours 15:00

Project “ControleMaleBestie” II edition: lecture and debate on the book “Questo non è amore”

Liceo Magistrale G. Caetani, Viale Giuseppe Mazzini, 36, 00195 Roma

The event will be held as part of the final Festival of the Controlemalebestie project, promoted by the Luigi Sturzo Institute in collaboration with the CISS.
The second edition of the project involves about forty students from the Liceo Manara and the Caetani Institute of Rome in the context of school-work alternation initiatives in order to promote a culture of legality through the use of cinematographic, theatrical and reading language.


They will speak on the subject of violence against women :
– Stefania Ulivi (Journalist of the Corriere della Sera, co-author of the book)
– Enrichetta Venneri (Judge of the Criminal Court of Rome)
– Silvana Sergi, (Director of the District Court of Regina Coeli)
– Manuela Romagnoli (Child Neuropsychiatrist, La Sapienza University of Rome)
– Pina Formisano (Frascati State Police Commissioner)
– Livio Sabatini (Judge of the Court of Rome)

The III class female students of the Caetani High School of Humanities will read some excerpts from the book “This is not love” (The 27th hour).



Event open to the public.